Rising Hearts

Crystal Light
April 22, 2017
A New Life
April 22, 2017

When a vicious attack on Lara Perroni’s mother triggers memories from Lara’s own traumatic past, the 28-year-old school librarian vows that the attacker will be brought to justice. In her quest to protect her mother and help police unravel the mystery, she discovers a link between a series of similar, present-day attacks and the past she thought she’d left behind.

The violence escalates.

When Lara herself is targeted, it’s unclear whether she has wandered into the attacker’s crosshairs or awakened the sleeping monster from her past. Faced with a possible unholy alliance between the two, she finds an ally of her own in a handsome, kind co-worker. But can she trust Jarod—or his motives? She isn’t sure, especially after it becomes clear he’s got secrets of his own.As Lara’s carefully constructed emotional walls threaten to crumble, the stalker strikes again, with a vengeance. Now she must find the courage and the wisdom to protect herself, her loved ones, and her heart.